Successful Contractors have the Information Edge

Contractors require specific information tools to properly control operations, both in the field and in the office. Bidding jobs, winning contracts, scheduling materials and manpower, getting the work done to spec and on budget is absolutely the difference between success and failure. This challenge falls on the laps of management, but we can help.

These challenges continue and grow as you do. You’re on the road, working long hours at the jobsite, striving to meet tight deadlines and must comply with demanding regulations and requirements. You’re chasing cash to meet supplier, subcontractor and employee costs.

Sound familiar? We get it. We’ve worked with contractors, builders and construction companies for many years, helping them better understand and better manage operations.

Properly Implemented Systems are a Must

We have implemented Quickbooks desktop accounting (QBD) for contractors for many years. Our controllership relationship with our clients allows us to maintain the accounting record and help oversee client staff and help them do the job. We still support QBD with datafile cleanup, reengineering QBD for a contractor operation, train client staff and provide ongoing support plans.

New Accounting Technology is Amazing for Contractors

We are advanced certified in QuickBooks Online (QBO) and certified in a number of addon applications for the contractor market. These new applications manage the entire contracting business process from bidding, to proposal, to contracting, to budgeting, to materials planning and purchasing, to labor scheduling and in-field time tracking, to progress billing, retention tracking, you name it. Powerful solutions at affordable subscription pricing.

Your Trusted Advisor to help you Build your business

As you would know, a good foundation is a critical part of any building. It’s the same in business. Successful contractors have great systems and a solid team of professionals around them to help keep the ship on course. We want to be part of your team.

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